Unleashing the Power of Color in Music Learning

Step into a musical universe where every note has a dazzling hue, where melodies and harmonies radiate in a vibrant palette of colors. Welcome to Miraimusic, an innovative music program that intertwines the realms of sound and color to transform your learning experience.








About us

A groundbreaking music program that merges the realms of sound and color to create a truly immersive and visually captivating learning experience. Miraimusic revolutionizes the way we perceive and interact with music by associating pitch with vibrant colors.

Jaimelen Kwong


We’re FUN

We provide an array of interactive learning tools and features to engage and empower musicians of all skill levels.



Each note on the musical scale is paired with a specific color, creating a dynamic and personalized visual representation. For example, a low pitch may be associated with a deep, soothing purple, while a high pitch might evoke a vibrant, electrifying shade of orange. These associations help learners develop a stronger connection to the music they are playing or listening to, fostering a deeper understanding of musical structures and tonal relationships.


Compose with colors

Composing and arranging music becomes a visually stimulating experience. The composition module allows you to create your own musical pieces, with each note producing a burst of color, transforming your compositions into vibrant visual works of art.



With our carefully crafted games, you’ll embark on a musical adventure where every challenge presents an opportunity for growth. From matching notes to rhythms, identifying intervals to deciphering musical symbols, our games cover a wide range of sight-reading skills in a fun and engaging way.


In Person Classes

Welcome to our one-on-one beginner piano class, where the world of music comes alive through a vibrant palette of colors! If you’ve always dreamed of playing the piano and want to embark on an extraordinary musical adventure, then you’ve come to the right place.

Online Group Zoom Classes with Boom cards and our Innovative Platform

In this dynamic and interactive class, you will not only learn the fundamentals of piano playing but also experience the thrill of associating pitch with a captivating spectrum of colors. We have designed a fun and intuitive music educational platform specifically for our program, ensuring that every step of your learning journey is engaging and enjoyable.

As you join our group class, you’ll become part of a supportive community of fellow beginners who share your passion for music. Together, we’ll embark on a musical adventure filled with laughter, creativity, and collaborative learning.

Individual Online Zoom Classes

Welcome to our vibrant and engaging online piano classes, where music comes alive with a burst of colors and learning becomes an exciting adventure! If you’re looking for a unique and immersive piano learning experience, you’ve come to the right place.

In our individual online piano classes, we believe that learning should be a joyful and personalized journey. That’s why we’ve infused our program with a splash of colors to make your piano lessons not only educational but also visually captivating and fun.

Trinity Exam Preparation

Your musical journey reaches new heights through the pursuit of excellence and the art of performance. Our program is designed to guide and prepare pianists of all levels for examinations that assess their technical proficiency, musical understanding, and artistic expression.

Our Platform

Imagine playing the keys and watching as each note creates a beautiful splash of color on your screen. This color-piano connection deepens your understanding of pitch, melody, and harmony while making the learning process more enjoyable and immersive than ever before.

Our online platform brings the colors to life, creating an interactive and dynamic environment. You’ll have access to a range of visual tools and resources that support your learning, including color-coded sheet music, interactive keyboard simulations, and engaging games that reinforce your piano skills.


Our piano students are a remarkable group of individuals who possess exceptional talent, dedication, and a deep passion for music. They embody the essence of musical artistry and continuously strive for excellence in their piano playing.

From a young age, our students exhibit a natural aptitude for the piano. Their nimble fingers glide effortlessly across the keys, creating captivating melodies and mesmerizing harmonies. Their musical sensitivity and keen ear allow them to bring out the nuances and emotions within each piece they play.

Join us in our online piano classes and embark on a musical journey filled with excitement, creativity, and the magical world of colors. Discover the joy of playing the piano while exploring a visually captivating and fun learning environment. Let the colors ignite your passion for music, and watch as your skills and confidence grow. Enroll today and unlock the harmonious fusion of music and colors that awaits you!